About Us

Lloyd Lee Company designs and manufactures professional audio systems for use in commercial and professional settings such as auditoriums, hotels, restaurants, clubs, stadiums and sound rental companies.

Mr. Richie Braganza established Lloyd Lee Company in 1998 (earlier known as Electrocord way back in the 1980’s) with the vision of manufacturing and providing quality pro-audio equipment at very reasonable prices.

The combination of high level material, unique design and superior performance make Lloyd Lee Company products one of the best values in the indusrty and have set a bench-mark for high performance audio solutions to be used by professional sound rental companies and contractors for a variety of applications.

Backed by a dedicated management, strong technical know-how and unique designs, Lloyd Lee Company has grown over the decade to be India’s finest professional audio equipment manufacturing company.

Today, Lloyd Lee Company is engaged in designing, product development, manufacturing, installations, sales, servicing, consultation and technical support.